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Psychotherapy.net bloghttps://www.psychotherapy.net/blog/author/russell-siler-jones-thd-lcmhcshttps://jpcp.org/author/russell_siler_jones/

Journal for Pastoral Care Feature https://jpcp.org/spiritually-integrated-psychotherapy-two-kinds-of-listening/

“When Clients Ask: ‘What Do You Want for Me?’” https://www.psychotherapy.net/blog/title/when-clients-ask-what-do-you-want-for-me

Written Interviews:

“Spirituality in Session: A Conversation about Spirituality in Counseling,” with Pamela Ayo Yetunde and Rev. SeiFu Anil Singh-Molares. In Presence: An International Journal of Spiritual Direction + Companionship vol. 29, no. 2 (June 2023) – https://www.sdicompanions.org/media/presence/presence-29-2-june-2023/

The Importance of Spirituality in Therapy – Interview with Dr. Russell Siler Jones on the spiritual dimension of therapy.

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