morning november 2016

Fear won.

Good people can feel fear and vote from fear. And good people did.

Elections have consequences, and the consequences of this one are absolutely frightening.

So a reminder about fear.

There is only one remedy, and that is Love. “Perfect love casts out fear.” Not brains. Not anger. Only Love.

And here’s what we know about Love: Her hallmark feature is kindness. As in the one word: lovingkindness. She is infinitely patient. There is no hurry. When you are ready for Love, Love is ready for you. She does not discriminate. She can’t. It’s against Her very nature. There’s no us and them in Love. She shines on the just and the unjust.

During the night, a certain kind of campaign ended. This morning, this morning of mourning, a different kind has begun.

Her name is Love. She’s already going door to door. Take whatever time you need, but She’s ready when you are.

I’m with Her.

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